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We are a well-established Institute of Stock Market and Trading courses in Delhi that offers a number of courses that help learners get their career sorted with hands-on experience in the financial market strategies.

If you are an aspiring financial trader then you are in the right place. Educogni provides online as well as in-person training for a number of courses. 


Our courses are structured for those who come with a desire to establish an entry in the financial market. The category of courses includes stock market courses, pro trading, fundamental analysis, intraday trading, commodity trading, option trading and Nism certification. These courses are certified and reliable with numerous other in-class benefits.

Help You Become a Professional

Our course are well-equipped with powerful knowledge through which you will emerge as a professional in the market. We teach with the practical implementation and help in understanding the stock market terminology. Therefore, we stand as the leading share market institute in Delhi that attracts a large number of aspirants. 

Pro Trading Course

The course is structured to help the student to get into the understanding of basic concepts of trading in stocks, commodities and currency. We are into providing Pro Trading Course in Delhi with enhanced knowledge and side by side hands-on practical implementation. This course gives you exposure to become a trader in various segments of the capital market.

Efficient Learning Process

Pro trading course is for those who are keen to become a professional trader and start their career in the capital market. Our classroom-based studies enable students to have personalized learning. Our potential instructors will give you intensified knowledge that you can put in use right away.

Your Dream our Goal

This course will be an interactive classroom training and help you learn the risk management and...

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Fundamental Analysis Course

Fundamental Analysis Course is helpful for the analysis of the industry by evaluating which segments of the market you have to enter of share and commodity. We are a known institute that provides fundamental analysis course in Delhi with well-experienced faculty who have proven records in the market. The course covers event analysis, data analysis and news analysis so that you can understand the changes in the market.

What you can Learn?

You can learn to find the best stocks and analyze stocks' income and cash flow statements. This course will give you the extreme knowledge of when and what to buy so that you can get success in this field as a working professional. You can get a thorough understanding of the value ratios to spot the stocks that are more likely to rise.

Additional Benefits 

You can get y...

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Intraday Trading Course

Intraday is a course that provides training to those who want to become short term trading. This course offers students to full day of live trading with experience of how do lows and highs take place in the market. We provide valuable Intraday Trading Course in Delhi through which you can learn to see the variations in the assets during business hours.

Your Learnings

You can learn to understand the price movements that happen during the short-term duration. Making multiple trades in a single session is something that we teach you to be specialized at.

Using real-time charts and understanding the fluctuations of prices is another big thing that helps you become a professional in the market.

Our Goal

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Commodity Trading course

This course is structured for those who want to learn the basics of commodity trading and want to excel to start their career in the same field. Our wide range of Commodity Trading Courses in Delhi gives you an exposure to learn from industry experts and enhance your research and awareness skills about the market.

Course Efficiency

These courses are designed and open for anyone seeking to learn the techniques of commodity and derivatives market. You learn the art of risk management and various market strategy through our complete courses. Our courses are efficient and customized as per the educational requirements of the students.

Benefits of the course

Our courses are designed keeping all the important factors of market in mind. They are designed in order to understand and easily go through various concepts. You get...

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Nism Certification Course

Nism Certification is a certification acquired by anyone who wants a job in the capital markets. Finance, management and economics students can acquire the certification to place their foot in the industry. We provide recognized NISM Certification Course in Delhi for those who want the extensive knowledge of the industry with hands-on practical sessions.

Career centered courses

With the help of the certifications, people can increase their industry knowledge and make themselves well-versed to join the industry. If you are looking for a career in the financial market than it is a valuable course for you to male your future presence in the market. It comes with many other additional benefits at affordable fees that will be advantageous for you.


The course is open for students from any educational background....

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Stock Market Courses

Stock market courses are designed for aspiring financial traders who know the value of academic certification. Our courses are for learning the ways of trading online and in-person. We are a top institute providing Stock Market Courses In Delhi that helps in learning smart investing strategies. So, if you are interested in learning the stock market then you have come to the right platform.

Who can join?

Our online and in-class stock market courses are for those who want to become a financial trader and help people in trading and investing in the stock market with confidence. If you also want to rule the stock market then this course is tailor-made as per your needs. You can discover stock market classes and through their social media as well.

Additional support 

There are a number of the institute who provid...

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Currency Trading Courses

Currency trading courses are designed to give you extensive knowledge of the financial market. People make predictions in the global economy based on the variations. This is the place where global currencies are traded. This is why people choose Currency Trading Courses so that they get to learn and become experts in strategizing and predicting the numbers in the market. 

What do you learn?

Our courses teach you to be able to trade the currencies in return of others by using the available data on choosing currencies and countries you would get the true value for. You will learn how to analyze the market and choose the right currency pair with online and classroom workshops.

You can learn to use the economy forecast to gain the right trading currency.

Practical approach 

Our cours...

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Option Trading Courses

Option Trading course is an advanced and certified course that focuses on multiple option sand different kinds of strategies from the options trading. It includes all the fundamentals factors and technical options to find the profits which can be learned in the options trading course in Delhi. If you are also one of those who want to join the course then you are on the right platform. 

What you will learn?

You will get to learn a lot of things in the entire course including using option basics, strategies, charts, indicators and values. We teach you how to read the charts and some of the mistakes that new traders make so that you must have the knowledge to deal with them. You learn the common strategies through the experts and can implement them.

Affordable Prices 

Our courses are designed keeping a...

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