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The page provides the terms and conditions for use of the operated by legal entity ‘Educogni creative learning private Limited’. By using our site and taking any information from the site, the user agrees to the terms and condition listed here. The terms and conditions apply to all types of users either paid or free one, who are using our website for any purpose.

Terms and conditions:


The site does not provide any financial or legal advice through the site. All the information provided either in blog or videos are only for education purpose. does not manage funds, do not provide portfolio management services and is also not any broker or sub-broker. Educogni is not registered with any stock exchange. does not come under the orbit of SEBI regulations 1993 and 1992. This website is solely for education purpose only.

Though, and their team make their every effort to make information accurate, reliable and up to date but does not warranty or claim for the same. Educogni will not be responsible for any financial or physical loss by using any kind of information available on website and information provided through the online or classroom training or study materials.

All trading ideas, tips, advice discussed during the classes or in WhatsApp group or in other mean is for education and training purpose only. Please contact your financial advisor before taking any trade or investment in stocks.

Time duration for each course is tentative only. The duration may extend or shorten-up due to unavoidable circumstances.

All contents (videos, texts, audio) available on our website are subjected to copyright. None of the data/discussions should be leaked/made public without our permission. So, copying or reproducing any written contents or lecture provided through online or classroom training may result in legal implications.

Stock trading is highly risky and is not suitable for every traders or investors. Before getting into market to invest/ trade, understand your risk appetite and only invest the part of money that should not harm your lifestyle or financial condition.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.

No system or trading strategy has been developed that can guarantee profits.

We reserve the right to discontinue any discounts or offers provided and make changes in our terms and conditions. Dispute on subjects in classroom and causing indiscipline behavior which causes faculty to embarrass will cause you immediate cancellation on attending the further class without any refunds.

Any strategy discussed in classroom is faculty’s opinion and you are only responsible for taking any decisions and financial losses created by trading or investing.

Once fees are paid will not be refunded in any circumstances. Maximum up to two demo classes are provided, attending further classes without paying fees will charge you full fee payments. Full course fees should be paid under 15 days of course commencement.

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